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XML template

A XML template is a template which contains a clear hierarchy and every node in the hierarchy can be identifier using a path (in XML this can be done with XPath).

Examples of XML templates are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Intergration Services packages (DTSX)
  • Informatica PowerCenter Mapping (XML Export)
  • IBM DataStage Job (XML Export)

XML templates can in itself contain text templates, for example in an ETL package where a SQL SELECT statement is written. For documentation on text templates in a XML template, see XmlTemplate


CrossGenerate supports creating annotations in a XML template. For documentation on the specific annotation syntax, see Annotation.

Section example

An example of a section configuration annotation inside a XML template would be:

  <SomeSubElement description="@XGenXmlSection(name='SomeExampleSection')" />

Comment example

An example of a comment annotation inside a XML template would be:

  <SomeSubElement description="@XGenComment(Some comment text...)" />