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Command line

CrossGenerate can be started from the command line (invoked via the Java executable). Here the command line options are specified.


Here the command line options are specified.

java -jar XGenerate.jar [GenerationOptions]


All generation options are key-value based. So you can specify an option key with a dash before it followed by a space and its value.

In the following table all options are listed. All options have two keys which can be used, the fully written one and the abbreviated one. The two options are seperated by a comma in the 'Parameter' column.

Parameter Description Default Allowed values
-c, -Config 1 The location of the application configuration file. See Application config
-mtc, -ModelTemplateConfig 2 A model-template-config combination in the form: "MODEL_FILE"::"TEMPLATE_FILE"::"GEN_CONFIG_FILE". Absolute and relative paths are allowed here.
-d, -Debug Whether to run the generator in debug mode. false true, false
-cll, -ConsoleLogLevel The log level for the console. SEVERE See Log levels.
-fll, -FileLogLevel The log level for the log file. INFO See Log levels.
-fld, -FileLogDestination The destionation for the log file. If not specified, no log file will be written.
-ps, -ProgressScreen Whether to show the progress screen. false true, false

Log levels

The following log levels are supported.

Level Description
INFO Errors, warnings and informational messages.
WARNING Errors and warnings.
SEVERE Only errors.

  1. required options 

  2. at least one must be given