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Setup CrossGenerate

System requirements

CrossGenerate runs on Java, so make sure Java version 1.8 or higher is installed on your system. For example OpenJava.

Installing CrossGenerate

  1. Download the latest release from our download page. This release contains the executable jar for CrossGenerate.
  2. It is advised to download one of the Examples to quickly be up and running. These examples contain an configuration that you can experiment with right away.
  3. Change the cmd file(s) in the example project so they point to the location where you have extracted the CrossGenerate jar file in step 1.
  4. Run the cmd file and see if everything works. If all works, the 'Output' folder of the example project should contain the newly generated files.

PowerDesigner extension

To get the most out of CrossGenerate it should be used in combination with a data modeling tool. Currently SAP PowerDesigner is the tool best fit to model not only data structures but also data flows. If you are planning to use PowerDesigner with CrossGenerate, make sure to download our PowerDesigner extension.