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What CrossGenerate does

CrossGenerate can be used to generate software using a model driven approach. For this the following three inputs need to be provided to CrossGenerate:

Input Description
Model1 Specifying the functional specification of the software to be generated.
Template1 Specifying a technical pattern that needs to be applied to parts of the model.
Config1 Specifying how the model and template need to be combined for the desired result.


What distinguishes CrossGenerate from other automation products is that:

  • It is highly customizable and generic. CrossGenerate does not incorporate model or ETL knowledge.
  • Templates can be developed using well known ETL and database tools, for instance Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Informatica PowerCenter or IBM DataStage.
  • Since well known ETL and database tools can be used, requires little additional technical skills.
  • Easily fits in existing architectures.

How it works

When CrossGenerate is invoked with a model, template and config as input, it performs the following three steps:

  • Preprocessing of the model
  • Preprocessing of the template
  • Combining model and template to generate software

Below is a graphical illustration of this process.

Cross Generate Process

  1. For more information on the specific input, click on the name.