Accelerate data platform development

Accelerate data platform development

What is CrossGenerate?

CrossGenerate enables organizations to realize their data solutions faster and better by automating the development process and relying on model-driven principles.

CrossGenerate generates software using:

  • Any model that can be exported to XML
  • Templates developed in well known ETL and DB tools

Why use CrossGenerate?

Because CrossGenerate:

  • Can be used with new and existing architectures
  • Supports multiple platforms (DB & ETL)
  • Let’s you develop ETL and DDL templates in existing development tools.
  • Is not part of the end-product.

Where competitors:

  • Are best fit for building from scratch
  • Mostly targeted to specific platform
  • Have ETL templates built-in or require specific programming knowledge or proprietary IDE
Teams using CrossGenerate

Teams using CrossGenerate

  • Implement each technical pattern once
  • Templates have guidelines built-in
  • Refactoring is simple
  • Solve problem types
  • Focus on modeling and business logic
  • Are more productive

Teams not using CrossGenerate

  • Repetitive development
  • Manually enforce guidelines
  • Refactoring is costly
  • Solve specific problems
  • Focus on programming


The model containing all information needed for the generator can be created using any tool which is capable of exporting the model into a (XML) file.


The templates supported are:

  • text files containing code of any programming language (like SQL, Java, C#, etc.)
  • xml (well-formed) files (like Informatica PowerCenter exports, Microsoft SQL Server DTSX package, etc.)

See how CrossGenerate works or contact us for more information or when you’re interested in scheduling a demo.